Let's get some things straight

What happened to Kids Castle?
Kids Castle, the business, closed in December 2014.

Are you the same as Kids Castle, just with a different name?
No, Kids Castle was its own business from 2008-2014. Games & Thrones opened in April 2015 and is an entirely separate, new business with a separate ownership and management team.

Can I use my old Kids Castle game card at Games & Thrones?
Unfortunately, no. The old Kids Castle game cards do not work at Games & Thrones.

Why can’t I use my old Kids Castle game card? I have credits on it and you should be able to honor it since you just transferred ownership.
It’s a common misperception that we bought out Kids Castle and reopened under new management.  As it stands, Kids Castle closed independently in December 2014. With that close of business, all of the accounts (phone, internet, tv, utilities, and game credit system, etc.) also terminated.  At Games & Thrones, we had to establish new business accounts with the aforementioned services (like all new businesses do.) Because Kids Castle closed independently, and because Games & Thrones also opened independently, Games & Thrones has no association with any of the old services and accounts that belonged to Kids Castle. In other words: all of the Kids Castle data was wiped away when Kids Castle closed. In other other words: when Kids Castle closed, Kids Castle terminated all of their business services (like all business who close down), employees, and everything else that’s tied to the business.

I still don’t get it – why can’t I use my old Kids Castle game card? Aren’t you the same business with a different name? Aren’t you turning away business from previous loyal Kids Castle guests?
Games & Thrones is separate from Kids Castle, even though both businesses occupy(ied) the same building. Games & Thrones has different arcade games, employees, restaurant menu, and accounts for phone, internet, utilities, and the game card system. We welcome all guests through our doors, both previous Kids Castle guests and new guests alike. And, we hope to establish ourselves independently of Kids Castle by creating a our own unique atmosphere, valuing the best guest experience at our place.

What are your thoughts on Yelp?
We want to thank all of those who put faith in us and tried us out on blind knowledge, on word of mouth, on a whim. The majority of our guests are you: the first-timers, the newcomers, the ones who could’ve chosen any other, better-known, longer-established place. But you chose ours. There are no words to express our gratitude, and for that, we promise to value your support like it’s our only lifeline. Because, in same cases, it is.

We promise to deliver only the highest of quality in our food, service, and facility. And, we promise to remember to continue to value you as our cherished guest. For, had it not been without your trust, your faith in us, your steadfast decision to take a chance on us, to spend your hard-earned money, that is, in some ways, irreplaceable in exchange for your trust, we would not continue to be here, sharing our journey with you.  So we thank you, from the bottom of our infinitely-grateful and forever-humbled heart. Thank you.

We hope to exceed your expectations and hope you enjoy your dining experience. If we fall short of that, you have our ear and our apologies. Please allow us that chance and alert us to your feedback, and we will make every effort to find a solution with you. Our direct lines of communication are through this website, over the phone, or in person at our facility, not on Yelp.  So please, if you have any feedback you want to share, do so by shooting us an e-mail, calling us on the phone, or stopping by to speak to a manager. We are here.

Why don’t you serve Ranch Dressing?
It’s important to us that we create and share fresh, made-from-scratch items for our valued guests. It’s also important to us that our guests enjoy our food in the way it was intended – thoughtfully and carefully crafted in our kitchen after plentiful hours of menu development. Each plate and ingredient in each dish goes through scrutiny and several taste tests, and we only want you to savor every bite in its true form as crafted by our chefs.

Many people dip everything in ranch dressing, thus taking away from tasting the food. Instead, the food becomes a conveyor for ranch dressing. And you only end up tasting the ranch dressing. Ranch dressing then becomes the star of the show, rather than the food being the star. Most, if not all, of the menu options at Games & Thrones are successfully tasty without additional sauces like ranch dressing. And the items that do pair well with additional sauces already come with those sauces (like our housemade umami ketchup and spicy aioli that comes with our housemade fries.)

We do now serve our own housemade ranch dressing for guests who request it. We hope that you enjoy our recipe, while also refraining from dipping everything in it. Plenty of our menu options DO NOT pair well with ranch – like our soy garlic wings, grilled baguette, and artisan pizzas.

Health Grade

Health Scores

Truth & Transparency in keeping you safe

Because your health is our top concern, we are fully transparent in our procedures to ensure cleanliness in our facility and kitchen.

Public Health Grade
Below you can find our Public Health Grade during surprise visits by health inspectors:

Inspection Date:



We’ve partnered with Ecolab, the global leader in cleaning, food safety, and pest elimination. Through routine service visits at Games & Thrones, Ecolab’s preventative services eliminate the risk of cockroaches, rodents, and pests.

Below you can review the results of each inspection (blocking out confidential and/or sensitive account information).  We are proud to report that there have been NO pest or rodent activity throughout the duration of our being open for business.
Click the links below to review the service reports:
04/11/16: View Routine Service Report
03/14/16: View Routine Service Report
02/18/16: View Routine Service Report
12/23/15: View Routine Service Report
11/06/15: View Special Request Verification Report
10/26/15: View Routine Service Report
09/24/15: View Routine Service Report
08/27/15: View Routine Service Report
07/31/15: View Routine Service Report
06/23/15: View Routine Service Report
05/26/15: View Routine Service Report
04/30/15: View Routine Service Report

Our goal is to provide the best-in-class dining and arcade experience in the cleanest facility. Should you have any concerns, please bring it to our attention immediately. A manager is always on duty – feel free to ask any staff member to assist you with contacting a manager, or you may contact us at: info@gamesandthrones.com or 818-565-0577